What Are Two-Stage Heat Pumps?

A Different Way to Condition Air

Heat pumps work in a slightly different manner than air conditioners. During summers, both types of units remove heat from the home by forcing warm indoor air through chilled coils. The heat energy is removed from the house after getting absorbed by the refrigerant. During winters, heat pumps reverse the process, capturing heat energy that exists in the cold outdoor air and diverting it into the house.

How a Two-Stage Heat Pump Operates

Heat pumps with two-stage compressors operate more efficiently than single-stage (meaning they are either “on” or “off”) systems. When they turn on, single-stage units operate at full capacity even if they do not need to, using more energy.

Two-stage heat pumps are perfect for warmer climates in areas like Houston. The compressor operates at full capacity only when necessary. The heat pump runs at a lower capacity on mild days. These heat pumps save money because they do not start or stop as frequently as their one stage counterparts. They are better at circulating the air consistently and preventing warm and cold spots from occurring.

Our Carrier Products Deliver Performance

For those interested in upgrading to a two-stage heat pump, Air Bourne Air proudly installs energy efficient Carrier PERFORMANCE™ products. These units provide excellent humidity and temperature control, offering efficient cooling (up to 17.5 SEER) and heating (up to 9.5 HSPF).

These heat pumps have quiet two-stage compressors and are ENERGY STAR® compliant. They use refrigerants that do not deplete the ozone. Customers who have these units enjoy excellent dehumidification throughout their homes during our hot and humid summers.

Consider These Cool Alternatives

Air Bourne Air features Carrier products but also services systems from all brands. If you have questions about heat pumps, air conditioners, or other climate control products, we can discuss the best solutions that will meet the needs of those living in the Houston metropolitan area. For a free in-home estimate, contact us today.