Comparing the Nest & Lyric Thermostats

August 26, 2014

If you’re in the market for a new, convenient thermostat, then you have no doubt heard of the Nest Learning Thermostat, and possibly Honeywell’s new contender called the Lyric┬«. The Nest has rocked the HVAC world as homeowners have seen it in Apple stores, and heard raving reviews about its simple, convenient design and function. Honeywell, the long-standing leader in thermostats since 1945, claims their new Lyric is a better way to go. So what’s the verdict? Is this a Chevy and Ford debate that will go on for the next decade? Maybe, but there are some key differences in the two stats ┬áthat might help your decision making. We’re not going to dive into a granular review here, but simply point out heavy hitting points. 1. The Nest Basics The Nest appeal began with a sleek design from an ex-Apple person, and its ability to “learn” your schedule. Out of the box, the Nest will pay attention to the temperatures you manually set throughout the day, and it also watches activity in the home to learn when people are present, etc. You can always walk up to the Nest and adjust it like any thermostat, but the beauty of...

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