Furnace Tune-up in Houston

November 17, 2015

Don’t wait until cold weather is here before making sure your heating system in Houston is working properly. Preparing your heating system before winter will help you stay warm, cozy and safe this heating season. Call Air Bourne for quality & affordable furnace tune-up in Houston. Furnace Tune-up in Houston Here are some tips to make sure your heating system is ready when winter comes: Call Airbourne Air to schedule a pre-winter furnace tune-up in Houston & surrounding areas. A clean, well-maintained furnace can ensure that your heating system is running at maximum efficiency and ready to keep you warm when the weather turns cold. Change your furnace filter monthly. A dirty filter restricts the flow of heated air from your furnace, causing it to work harder and deliver less heat. Make sure vents in the house are not obstructed. The air in your home needs to circulate easily through the vents and your furnace works less when heated air is not blocked and cooler air can  circulate back freely. No matter how energy-efficient your furnace or air conditioner was when it was installed, it can lose efficiency if not properly maintained. It’s a good idea to have Airbourne Air...

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