Spring Newsletter The cold winter chill is behind us, and Spring is finally here! Any Texas resident knows that springtime means the summer heat is just around the corner, and Air Bourne Air wants to make sure you’re all set for a cool and comfortable home this year.

As we put away our coats and long-sleeves to start breaking out the summer gear, there are a few additional things we think are worth considering to maximize your indoor comfort!

Spring Maintenance

Importance of Maintenance

You’ve probably already been opening the windows to cool your home, and know that it’s just a matter of time before you have to touch that thermostat. We know that there are always concerns over how much it costs to run your air conditioner, and you may have some worries that your current air conditioner isn’t quite up to the task. Why not let your local air conditioning experts at Air Bourne Air alleviate your concerns?

Our technicians know air conditioners inside and out, and provide a highly detailed maintenance service to get your AC system running efficiently, effectively, and without fail!

Maintenance is the best and only way to make sure your AC is clean, free of faults, and running efficiently to save you money on your cooling costs. Let us help you avoid unexpected repairs, enjoy cleaner indoor air, and save big this summer. Your air conditioner and your wallet will thank us!

Spring Maintenance Special

Our expert air conditioner tune-ups are already designed to keep you comfortable while saving you money, and we’re taking that a step further this year! Through Spring, we’re offering our maintenance for a discounted price of just $75. That includes a full cleaning, calibration, and inspection of your air conditioner and thermostat.

It’s our way of rewarding homeowners who want to give their AC system the TLC it deserves before a long summer of hard work keeping you cool. And who better to take care of your air conditioner than your top local AC experts here at Air Bourne Air?

Upgrade Your Summer Comfort

Want to Upgrade Your Summer Comfort?

When was your current air conditioner installed? If you’ve lived in your home for more than a decade and still have the same AC system, it’s probably a good time to start thinking about the future. Whether you’re planning to stay in your current home for a while longer or sell your home soon, a great air conditioner is something important to have for those long Texas summers! Our technicians are always happy to help you understand the condition of your air conditioner during a maintenance visit so you can plan ahead. We can also walk you through what getting a new air conditioner would look like.

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we provide our customers with a great range of high quality, energy efficient systems at great prices! Replacing your air conditioner with a quality system can do much more than just stop you from worrying about a bunch of repairs on an older model, too! Higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings mean lower cost to run your AC. A properly sized air conditioner can also make sure you don’t have any hot spots, or areas of your home that don’t get cool enough on the hottest summer days.

Lower utility bills, greater cooling performance, and peace of mind—what’s not to love?

Financing Special

If the cost of a new air conditioner is keeping you from being comfortable, don’t let it! Our team at Air Bourne Air understands that a new AC system is an investment, and we want to make that purchase as affordable as possible for you. On top of our already very competitive prices, we’re proud to offer a full 100% financing option on approved credit, same as cash! That means instead of having to pay for your new system all up front, you can enjoy low monthly payments for up to 36 months.

We’ll help you customize a payment plan according to your budget and make sure you get a great new air conditioner at a price you’ll love. Ask us today for more details!

About Air Bourne Air

Air Bourne Air is a highly trusted and reputable HVAC company serving throughout the Houston and Cypress areas. We are BBB A+ rated, a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and well-established as a premier name in home comfort. Our team specializes in providing comfort solutions that are efficient, effective, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our customers.

Want to schedule an appointment with our Air Bourne Air team for an AC tune-up, or learn more about having a new air conditioner installed in your home? We’re happy to help! Simply contact us today to get started.

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