Preventing Weather Damage to Your Brookshire AC

A home cooling system is an indispensable appliance to have in your home. Your outdoor AC unit is supposed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Nevertheless, AC protection is of vital importance during bad weather. It serves to ensure your AC unit is protected from damages in the case of severe weather such as a thunderstorm or blizzard and that functions more efficiently. Protecting your outdoor unit against damage from harsh weather is also a part of AC maintenance, which is crucial for the unit’s optimum functioning. Therefore, here are a few ways to prevent weather damage to your outdoor unit.

Turn Off The Unit

Lightning strikes and power surges are common aspects expected during a strong storm. Therefore, before a storm, remember to turn off your AC unit to prevent damage caused by the strikes and surges. Power surges and lightning can damage the electrical components of your AC unit and in some cases could even start a fire.

Cover Your Unit

Covering your AC unit is another way to avoid inconvenient damages as well as expensive repairs brought about by severe thunderstorms or hurricanes. Covering the unit will protect it from hail, winds, and flying debris. If debris ends up in your condenser, it can cause damages that will be quite expensive to repair. There are multiple specialized commercial AC covers you can use. You could also make your own using sturdy boards and canvas tarps. Whichever option you prefer, the cover should be secure enough to withstand strong winds.

Install Hail Guards

If the weather forecast points to the possibility of a large hail, consider installing hail guards on the outdoor unit. This will prevent your unit from suffering any major damages.

Prepare Your Yard

Wind is among the major contributors to storm damage. For this reason, put away any loose objects such as outdoor furniture, bikes, gardening tools, and grills. In addition, trim any branches near the outdoor unit. To prevent flood damage, elevate your unit on a sturdy platform such as concrete slab.

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