Is there a benefit to replacing your system?

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Airbourne Air techs are pro’s at accurately troubleshooting any heating and air conditioning problem. If your air conditioner quits on a blistering hot Houston summer day, we don’t march out and tell you to replace it. Sometimes it’s a small part, or a dirty indoor coil and the AC is just fine. However, there are times when new equipment is definitely worth consideration.

3 Things to Know About a New System:

Efficiency. If you have an old 6 SEER air conditioner and a 60% AFUE furnace, moving to an 18 SEER AC and 80% AFUE furnace is going to save you around $800 a year. More in the summer obviously in our climate. In fact, while we’re on that topic: Houston homeowners do not need to sink money into a high efficiency furnace. But there is one thing you definitely want on a new furnace, and we’ll discuss that in a minute.

So as you can see, a new system is going to pay for itself pretty quickly in just energy savings alone. That doesn’t factor in any ongoing repairs on the old system, which would obviously make the payback of the new system more rapid.

Comfort. New systems feature comfort benefits such as communicating capabilities, better air quality control and more subtle air movement. If you purchase the right type of furnace and air conditioner setup, you’ll definitely be more comfortable.

Impact. This is the term we use to describe the interruption a heating and air system has on your life. For example, do you have to turn up the TV because your furnace (or air handler) is adjacent to the living room, or the noise from the vents is just too loud? There are features to make sure you consider with a new system to reduce impact.

New HVAC System Houston

For example, here’s the point we eluded to above: Variable speed ECM fan motors in furnaces and air handlers reduce drafts, improve air quality (with the right filters) and are also whisper quiet. You’ll barely know the system is on. So even though you don’t need a high efficiency, fully modulating furnace in Houston, you do want a model equipped with a variable speed fan. You will LOVE the difference.

New thermostats such as the Nest or Honeywell Lyric with auto tuning capabilities also reduce impact, and save on utility bills.

Does a new system sound like a good investment for your home?

Here’s the facts, plain and simple: If you’re planning on living in your home for another 5-10 years, and you have older equipment keeping you comfortable, a new system is actually a pretty smart thing to do. It will pay for itself, and also make your home feel a little better with less impact as discussed above.

We offer free, in-home estimates so we can inspect your current setup and unique home characteristics. We’ll then give you the right advice on what options are ideal based on your efficiency and budgetary goals.

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Thanks for reading our comfort blog, and considering Air Bourne Air for your Houston heating and air conditioning needs.