Carrier IAQ PurifierModern air conditioning and heating systems are not complete without addressing indoor air quality concerns. Why? Because home construction is built to be energy efficient and tightly sealed, but this in turn traps many airborne pollutants inside — Molds, bacteria, allergens and a big offender called volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

VOCs come from a variety of things including common cleaners, carpets, paints and even your bed if you’ve purchased it in the last 20 years. In fact, VOCs are such a rising concern that some homeowners are making the switch to all organic beds, carpets and other household items.

The good news is that you can also radically change the quality of your air with indoor air quality products from Air Bourne Air! We offer indoor air quality products that integrate into your heating and air system to restore quality to the air you breathe. These products are not mutually exclusive, but work together to filter, protect, refresh and purify your indoor air. Call us today for a free in-home estimate!