Furnace Repair & Installation

When the average person thinks of Houston, they think of hot and humid weather. And there’s no doubt we have a lot of that! However, when winter nights drop down to the 40’s and 50’s, the hot days are momentarily forgotten and an efficient heating system is in demand! Air Bourne Air brings the same quality of service that we do during our hot summers to the cooler, winter months.

Trusted Furnace & Heat Pump Service

In our day of mass media, large companies and looking for the best deal, customer service is often cast to the side as a lower priority item. But that doesn’t happen when you call Air Bourne Air! We’re a Houston area heating and air conditioning company who is dedicated to providing the finest quality of services and solutions for our customers. That means we put your interests first…not our own. This dedication and passion for our customers ripples out into every aspect of our company.

Reliable Heating Services

We have the experience and technical knowledge to do the job right. An HVAC system is comprised of equipment that must be designed, matched and installed correctly in order to deliver efficient, reliable comfort to your home. Work not done the right way will not only affect your comfort, but your utility bills and the life of your system. When we install new equipment, we source from industry leading manufacturers. We use products that meet our demands for quality, and we sleep well at night knowing our customers have top-quality solutions in their home.

Heating Services

Furnace Installation

Looking for a gas furnace? We provide modern, condensing furnaces with variable speed fan motors for high efficiency, and whisper quiet operation. You don’t have to turn up the TV anymore when the furnace kicks on in the closet (for heating or air conditioning). Plus, we install equipment according to factory specifications. It’s done right…every time.

Heat Pumps

In the summer, an air conditioner removes heat energy from your home by chilling refrigerant, and pumping the chilled fluid inside to the indoor coil. A heat pump acts the same way, but in the winter it can reverse the process and provide heat for your home. Heat pumps are all electric, and are able to be used for heating a home in our milder winter climate.

Heating Repair

Nobody likes the word repair. Whether it has to do with your car, boat or computer, it typically means time and money right down the proverbial drain. When the problem affects your heating system, Air Bourne Air helps remove the sting of a repair need by providing fast service, and accurate repair work. We fix the true problem, and protect your time and money.

In-Home Estimates

Indoor comfort systems are state-of-the-art and must be custom designed for each home and set of needs. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter install. We provide free in-home estimates on new systems so we can examine your current setup, listen to your comfort, budgetary and efficiency goals, and make the finest recommendations.

Air Bourne Air is a Houston area heating and air conditioning company who is dedicated to making sure our customers have the finest HVAC solutions in their home. Whether you need a seasonal tune-up, complicated repair or equipment replacement, we’re the company to call!