Carrier Air Conditioner A heat pump looks identical to an air conditioner, and during a hot Houston summer it cools your home like an air conditioner too. So what’s the difference? A heat pump can also heat your home by reversing the cooling process. Sound crazy? It’s true!

Air conditioning all about one thing: moving heat energy. During a steamy Texas summer you move heat energy out of the home. This is done by the air conditioner or heat pump sending chilled refrigerant inside to the indoor coil. Warm air from the home is forced through the coil, the refrigerant absorbs heat energy, and then this heat energy is dissipated into the outside air.

A heat pump reverses this by absorbing heat energy from the outside air and using this to add heat energy to the air inside. Even cold air still has heat energy in it. A heat pump’s cooling efficiency is measured by a SEER rating, and the heating efficiency is measured by an HSPF rating.

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