Should I Have a Heat Pump or Furnace in Houston?

The south, in general, is a milder climate than northern states, Texas even more than most states. While northern states are piling with snow for months, Houston is hot enough to take a swim. The confusion comes when it is time to bear the cold for a month or so, and you have to decide if you require a heat pump or furnace.

Furnace or Heat Pump

The choice of a different furnace or heat pump is ultimately up to you. However, it may also depend on what part of Texas you live. The state has a variety of climates. Houston is balmy, and even in the winter, it rarely stays more than a week or two.

People that live in South Texas settle for a small heat pump rather than a furnace. But, even in South Texas, is a heat pump enough? Snow and ice storms are more frequent, and you never know when one will find you. Blankets are not always sufficient if the winter wind blows in your direction.

How Heat Pumps Work

Many people choose a heat pump because it is a year-around appliance. Furnaces require a separate air unit. A pump often is favored because of their energy efficiency and the trend of going green.  Heat pumps with an exchange pull air from outside and either cool it or heats it to blow through your ventilation system.

A furnace seems like overkill for a mildly cold day. However, a heat pump hits your home with a blast of warm air to clear the chilly room. Heat pumps are not perfect, nor for everyone, however, they are certainly an option in the humid air of Houston.

Figuring In A Furnace

Furnaces have their use in the muggy parts of Texas. Gas, oil, or electric, a furnace is a quick way to remove the chill in the room during the early morning hours.  The blasts of heat are in your control. But, keep in mind that furnaces are separate from air units.

You may find it is a trial and error decision. But, with enough knowledge, the pros and cons are mostly up to your needs. Air Bourne Air proudly serves the Houston area is available for your needs. We also are available to answer questions so that your decision is more accessible while also having a technician on hand.