What is a Heat Pump Condenser?

A heat pump condenser works with a compressor and is an outside unit.  In the oppressively hot days of summer, no one considers the days the temperature may drop below fifty degrees, and you will need to kill the chill in the air.

Heat Pump Condenser Condensed

Heat pump condensers work as both a heater and air unit. The condenser uses a compressor to turn warm air cold and cold air warm.  The outer unit is also versatile because it acts as both a heater and an air conditioner.  The benefit of a heat pump condenser is the fact that if it happens to freeze over, it automatically defrosts the unit.

The downside is your unit will still require maintenance because of debris, as well as the coils that make up your condenser.  However, most heating elements do need regular check-ups. You can maintain your unit by paying attention to optimize airflow and keep your unit healthy for the next cold day that may sneak up on you in Texas.

Heat Pump Versus Furnace

Heat pumps are the favorite choice of the muggy parts of Texas that only see a few days of winter temperatures. The energy efficiency is merely a bonus to the ability to use a heat pump by drawing outside air, warming it, and then releasing it through the vents to dissipate the chill in the house.

Furnaces are built to heat an area that is cold and requires elongated heating. A region is a key to knowing which heating system best suits your needs.  Northern Texas has longer winters than Southern Texas, but the climate remains mild no matter where you reside in the Lonestar State.

Personal Preference

You may be a cold natured person or perhaps a hot natured person. The choice of how you heat and cool your house is your choice, even in Houston heat. With the right information, you can stay cool on the hottest of Houston afternoons and warm when the two weeks of winter floats through in late February.

We at Air Bourne Air are available to answer your questions and offer our assistance. Whether it is maintenance or advise, our team is ready to introduce you to top-quality indoor comfort.