Get the Right Air Conditioner in Houston

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If you’re thinking about installing or replacing a central air conditioner in Houston, you’re probably aware that this is one of the most significant home improvements you can make in terms of comfort. On a hot, humid summer day, few amenities add to quality of life more than central air conditioning.

The proper way to calculate the required size for your central air conditioner is by running a load calculation known in the HVAC industry as a Manual-J.  A manual-J calculation is a detailed analysis of your home’s central air conditioning and heating needs.

A few things include:
•    How Well Your Home Is Insulated
•    How Many BTUs the Unit Has
•    Size of Your Home
•    What Type of Home You Have
•    Climate You Live In

Consult with one of our technicians to find the right size & priced air conditioning unit for your home!

SEER Rating:

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating rates energy efficiency and the higher the better. This helps with reducing utility bills as well as being more environmentally friendly.

Energy Saving Features:

Choosing a unit with a high SEER Rating as well as having energy qualifications are optimal features to pay attention for. Other features such as built-in timers, thermostat settings with a digital readout and a filter that slides out easily for regular cleaning are other optimal features as well.

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