Gas FurnaceA gas furnace is not only used to heat your home, but it’s also used during the summer because the air conditioner relies on the fan motor in the furnace to circulate air for conditioning. In the winter a furnace uses both gas and electricity to provide heat for your home. This is done by heating a metal object inside the furnace called a heat exchanger. The fan motor in the furnace pulls air from the home, and forces it through the heat exchanger. This adds heat energy to the air, which is then sent back into the home via ductwork.

The efficiency of a furnace is measured with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage. This simply declares how much of the gas used is actually converted into heat energy. Modern gas furnaces boast enhanced features like fully modulating flames, variable speed ECM motors and condensing technology that make them more efficient and quieter than ever before.

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