The air conditioner is typically given all the glory for keeping your home cool during a hot and humid Houston summer season. But did you know that without the indoor coil your air conditioner (or heat pump) would be completely useless?

An air conditioner has one primary job: compressing refrigerant. Refrigerant is a gas that when compressed condensates to a chilled liquid. Once compressed, the refrigerant is pumped by the air conditioner inside to the evaporator coil. The fan motor in the furnace pulls warm air from the home, and it is forced through the coil. The refrigerant absorbs heat energy from the air and turns back into a gas, then the process repeats.

A clean coil means more efficient cooling. UV lamps can be mounted in your coil to kill the mold that can easily grow. Call Air Bourne Air for any indoor coil related needs, from new equipment to cleaning to UV lamp mold protection. We’re a local, Houston air conditioning company you can trust for the finest service in town!

Evaporator Coil
Evaporator Coil

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