Decrease Your Air Conditioning Costs

We all turn on the air conditioning and try to hide from the sweltering heat. At the same time, our electric bills go through the roof. What can you do to lower your energy cost this summer without suffering through a heat wave?

Get the House Insulated

By adding blown-in insulation you will see up to a 30% reduction to your energy bill. While the initial cost might seem daunting, it often pays for itself within five to seven years.

Plant a Tree

Shade trees are Mother Nature’s answer to free air conditioning. If your home is shaded by a tree, the sun is blocked from heating it in the summer and is allowed to help add heat in the winter.

Close Your Windows

If your home and windows are well insulated, use that to your advantage. When the sun rises, close your home’s windows and doors. Then pull down any blinds or close the blackout curtains, that will help to keep the sunlight from warming the interior of your home. Keep the cool air in and the heat and humidity out.

Turn Off Your Electronics

Sound systems, computers and almost any newer type of gadget that is warm to the touch is adding more heat to your home. When you head out to work in the morning, turn off as many of those items as you can.

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