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An air conditioner is what helps all of us make it through a hot, humid Texas summer season. Sometimes, an older air conditioner will cough and sputter in the summer heat. Why? There are many things that can affect your air conditioning system. Below are a few common issues:

1) Dirty indoor coil: Indoor comfort is all about one thing: moving heat energy. An air conditioner compresses refrigerant which chills it. The chilled liquid is pumped inside to the indoor coil, and this coil absorbs heat energy from the air (which cools your indoor air). This indoor coil can become dirty from airborne contaminants and mold, which will hinder cooling performance.

2) Broken condenser fan: The air conditioner expels the heat energy absorbed inside into the outside air. If the fan in your air conditioner fails or can’t keep your equipment cool, your air conditioner will break down (similar to your car overheating).

3) Thermal expansion valve: This valve regulates the flow of refrigerant in your air conditioner. Too much refrigerant or too little refrigerant are both scenarios for disaster.

4) Older units: If your air conditioner or heat pump is old, it just might not endure another Texas summer. The good news about that is modern air conditioners are much more efficient (higher SEER ratings).

5) Low refrigerant: If your A/C refrigerant levels are low due to leaks or improper installation, this can affect your air conditioning. Simply adding refrigerant isn’t a solution if there is a leak. You need Air Bourne Air to fix the leak, perform testing and then correct the refrigerant levels.

6) Electronic issues: The electronics which control the compressor and fan can begin to wear out over time, especially with a lot of turning on and off which can happen when a system is over-sized, or other issues such as home air leaks are taking place. We inspect electrical connections and contact for corrosion during maintenance checks to help ensure you’re A/C doesn’t fail.

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