TrueDRY DR120 Whole-House Dehumidifier


FEATURE : Whole-Home Moisture Control
EFFICIENCY : MERV 11 Filtration

Today’s tightly built homes are great for insulation value, but that same insulation prevents the exchange of stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air, trapping moisture from cooking, showering and more. From feeling sticky, to window condensation, to musty odors, excessive moisture in the home leads to discomfort and poor indoor air quality. A Honeywell TrueDRY™ Dehumidification System removes moisture from the areas that need it most, improving overall comfort, safeguarding the home, and eliminating the need to monitor and empty water buckets.

High-capacity and high-efficiency dehumidification, ventilation, and filtration.

Integrated Solution
Whether removing moisture evenly throughout the entire home or focusing specifically on humidity problem areas that could lead to costly renovations, the
Honeywell TrueDRY™ Dehumidification System provides an unobtrusive, integrated solution that operates quietly and efficiently — all with no water bucket to empty.

Minimal Maintenance
While portable dehumidifiers need to be monitored and maintained, a Honeywell TrueDRY Dehumidification System requires only an air filter to be changed once per year.

Increased Comfort
You can turn your air conditioner down to a temperature that seems comfortable, but if there’s excess moisture in the air, you’ll still feel sticky. TrueDRY dehumidifiers
remove excess moisture from the air, delivering fresh, filtered air into the home. TrueDRY delivers true comfort.

Energy Savings
An air conditioner can’t sense humidity, so it keeps running as you turn down the thermostat in hopes of feeling more comfortable. Since air with less humidity feels cooler, TrueDRY helps reduce energy costs because you’ll be able to turn your thermostat up and run your air conditioner less often, saving on cooling bills. In addition, a whole-house dehumidifier uses significantly less energy than your air conditioner. TrueDRY also removes more moisture while using less energy than the leading portable dehumidifiers on the market. Simply put, you can save money while feeling more comfortable in your home.

Is TrueDRY Right For You?

Use this list to find out. A TrueDRY Dehumidification System is highly recommended if any of these issues are present in your home:

  • Damp or sticky feeling
  • Musty odor
  • Mold or mildew
  • Warped wooden surfaces
  • Cracking, peeling or blistering of interior or exterior paint
  • Condensation on windows
  • Air conditioner is running more than normal
  • High cooling bills

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