Better Cooling with a Furnace?

Variable speed fan motors for increased comfort

You’re either scratching your head, or you’re thinking that we’re the dumbest HVAC contractor in Houston right? Nobody stays cool with a furnace. Well, actually you do.

Remember what an air conditioner does: it compresses refrigerant. Compressing refrigerant condenses it down to a chilled fluid. The chilled refrigerant is then pumped inside your home to the indoor coil. Once that happens, the fan motor in your furnace pulls air from the home, and forces it through the coil.

If an air conditioner doesn’t have the furnace fan motor, your home would never be cool. And we offer furnaces specifically tailored for South Texas heating and air conditioning.

Variable Speed ECM Fan Motors

If you have to turn up the game or movie when the air conditioning and heating kicks on, it’s because you probably have an older, single speed furnace. If your furnace is tucked away in a nearby closet, this adds a lot of noise to a living environment. Variable speed ECM fan motors run at varying speeds for increased comfort, and they’re whisper quiet. You can actually have a furnace in a closet right in the living room, and barely notice when it turns on! Plus, variable speed motors are more energy efficient.

An Ideal Houston Furnace

We install Trane equipment because Trane manufacturers reliable, efficient products that we can trust in the homes of our customers. Trane makes some pretty high end furnaces like the XC95 that we would never recommend to our customers. Yes, the XC95 furnace has a quiet, variable speed fan motor, but it also has features like a fully modulating flame which is simply overkill for our mild winters. An ideal Houston furnace would be the Trane XV80. It is only an 80% AFUE furnace, but that’s perfectly fine for our winter. What it does offer is a nice variable speed fan motor for year round comfort.

We know it’s still hot and muggy outside, but if you happen to be replacing a furnace, or if you have an older one that is just too loud for the living room, give us a call today. We would love to enhance the quality of your indoor comfort. Choosing the right furnace will have a large impact on your comfort and energy bills.

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