Air Handler An air handler (also called a fan coil) is used by Houston homeowners who do not have a furnace. For example, if you use a heat pump to both heat and cool your home, then you have an air handler. What is it? The air handler contains a fan motor that circulates air throughout the home, and the indoor coil that houses refrigerant from the heat pump (or air conditioner).

A variable speed ECM fan motor makes for whisper quiet operation. Do you have to turn up the TV when the A/C kicks on? Those days are over with a variable speed fan motor!

The indoor coil contains refrigerant which is used to transfer heat energy in and out of the home. A UV lamp installed in the air handler will keep the coil mold-free. This is important for efficient operation.

The right air handler can make your Houston air conditioning needs less expensive during a hot Texas summer! In fact, some air handlers can even raise your overall cooling efficiency by two SEER points! Call us to learn more. We’re the leading Houston A/C company ready to provide you with top-quality service!

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