Why is My AC Making Weird Noises?

One of the worst sounds you can hear on a hot day is a new sound from your AC unit. Whether it’s a rattle, whistle, screech or thud, it’s important to take the time to investigate the cause of the weird noises you are hearing. Before you panic, investigate. You may discover your air conditioner fix will be quick, or you might need to call a repair service.

There are several reasons that your unit makes noises:

  • loose or broken part
  • in need of a compressor replacement
  • The indoor blower is unbalanced
  • debris in unit
  • refrigerant leaks
  • The fan motor is going bad
  • electrical issues
  • high internal pressure

What Should I Do?

First, you need to turn the AC unit off. If you have a loosening part or motor that is going bad, it will cause additional harm to continue to run. Next, if possible you should do a visual inspection of your system. If you see a dent on the outside of the unit or spot where the metal has become discolored from heat, tell your air conditioning repair company when you call to schedule an appointment.

Don’t forget to check for liquid around the unit. You will also want to make sure leaves and sticks have not lodged themselves in the unit. While you are doing a visual inspection write down your unit serial number and brand name, if you haven’t done so previously. This is relevant information a repair company will need.

After a visual inspection, if the weird noise you are hearing can’t be fixed by removing a few leaves or tightening an outer bolt it’s time to call AC repair. Even replacing refrigerant needs to be done by someone trained.

Can This Be Avoided?

It’s never possible to prevent every surprise, but you can significantly reduce emergencies by scheduling regular AC maintenance in Cypress.  Air Bourne Air is a leading air conditioning service the greater Houston area! We’re experts at accurately diagnosing any A/C related problem. We help our customers invest the right way, to experience reliable, efficient cooling anytime of the year. Whether you need air conditioner repair, maintenance or new equipment, we’re the experts you turn to. Contact us today!