January 30, 2014

Innovation is one of those words that usually reserved for the latest product from Apple, or the latest hybrid vehicle. But guess what? Heating and air conditioning is now stepping onto the stage of product innovation. “Right…air conditioning, that’s kind of old hat isn’t it?” Sure, but not anymore. Modern indoor comfort systems feature some pretty slick options. For example, the equipment can communicate for self tuning which helps efficiency and comfort. Variable speed ECM fan motors are now ultra quiet, and support indoor air quality systems. Ventilators exchange fresh outdoor air with stale indoor air, and transfer heat energy in the process. Thermostats offer auto learning, weather forecasts and smart phone access. Still not convinced? Schedule a free in-home estimate with us. We’ll show you how your home can be more comfortable, and how your energy bills can shrink in the process! We’re a trusted Texas air conditioning company who is passionate about indoor comfort, and about thrilling our customers with amazing service. Call us today and experience the Air Bourne difference!

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Air Conditioning Repair

January 6, 2014

Can you imagine a Houston area summer without a cooling system for your home or facility? That’s a scary thought right? We’re here to make sure your home or office stays cool with reliable, efficient equipment and services. Air Bourne Air is an industry leader, and a BBB A+ certified contractor. We’re also a certified Trane® Comfort Specialist™ which means you can trust our technical abilities. We repair any make and model of heating and cooling equipment, and give you the honest advice we’d want for our own homes. We never sell you equipment you don’t need, and we don’t encourage you to waste money on a system that is on its last leg. Read more about our air conditioning repair services, or call us today at (281) 564-3737. We can’t wait to enhance the equality of your indoor comfort control.

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Maintenance Matters

October 15, 2013

There’s a widespread epidemic affecting air conditioning and heating systems across the nation. It’s shaving 1/3 of their life off, making indoor comfort more expensive than ever. Do you know what the epidemic is? A lack of maintenance. Your indoor comfort system is not like an appliance, but more like your car. Imagine stopping oil changes and other maintenance items on your vehicle…what would happen? Would it die the next day? Probably not. However, fuel efficiency would decline, and eventually you’d find yourself stranded on the highway with a pricey repair bill ahead. Your air conditioning and heating system is no different. We offer affordable seasonal maintenance that will help protect your investment, and lower your utility bills!

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